Aussie Motorbike Trip Day 18: Rainbow Beach

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Day 18: Rainbow Beach

With nowhere to be and nothing to do until our 4pm safety briefing, we enjoyed free breakfast of white bread and peanut butter at a leisurely pace. Rainbow Beach is mostly a spot where tourists go before embarking on Fraser Island Tours. However, the town does have an incredible beach that stretches on for miles.

We walked along the bright white sand for over an hour, searching for the patch of colored sand that gives Rainbow Beach it’s name. We gave up and were satisfied with settled in a shaded spot next to the orange and red colored sand cliffs rising behind us. The beach was practically deserted except for a few off road vehicles. It was like having a private beach to play in the waves and make sandcastles.

Back at the hostel, we dug into our leftover pasta for lunch and hung out by the hammocks and pool. At the safety briefing for our Fraser Island Tour, we split into groups of eight and learned about all the do’s and donts of off road driving.

After signing our lives away and watching a dated government safety video, we bonded with our group on a trek to IGA and the bottle-o for supplies. It was as if we’d never be fed again the way we bought snacks and goon. We all chipped in to the hostel barbecue that night and enjoyed kangaroo burgers around the picnic table. We got along immediately with our group and spent the night laughing at ridiculous tongue twisters in Swedish, Finnish, Danish and Dutch—one for each nationality represented.


Daily Costs
Accommodation: Pippies Beach House, $23
Food: $8
Goon: $5
Bug spray: $5

Breakfast: hostel toast, peanut butter, jam
Lunch: leftover pasta, peas, beef
Dinner: hostel bbq

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