Siem Reap, Cambodia Our flight to Cambodia departed from Changi Airport in Singapore--the top rated airport in the world. We rested in the fancy lounges after visiting the beautifully landscaped Cactus Garden and Lily Garden. The Siem Reap airport was just a smidgen different. Siem Reap airport is so tiny that you have to walk … Continue reading Cambodia

One day in Singapore

One Day in Singapore

Singapore Our 24 hours in Singapore started with a 6am ride to the airport, and things oddly just kept going wrong from there. Now, all the things I'll mention had little consequence and I only mention them because it became comical how nothing we planned worked. Don't think I actually find these problems to be … Continue reading One Day in Singapore

Batu Caves Backpacking in Malaysia


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia I couldn't believe when the plane wheels touched down that Shannon was going to be here any moment!! I hadn't seen her for almost a year, so she planned a ten day vacation from work to fly out here to join me for a bit of backpacking in Malaysia. I was so … Continue reading Malaysia