Dec. 18 – Taiwan to Australia

We made it to the Taiwan airport with plenty of time, just to sit there for another two hours while our flight was delayed. I fell completely asleep as soon as we got to our seats, which is a miracle considering my usual struggle to sleep on transportation. Once in Sydney airport, we breezed through customs and our luggage was all accounted for–instant relief. For our time spent in Sydney, we stayed with Byron’s grandmother, who lived in a suburb of the city called Springwood, in the Blue Mountains. Her house wasn’t just any plain Australian house, but instead used to be a convent for nuns and resembles a small castle. We even had to hop an iron driveway gate (which our giant backpacks on), protecting the castle and grounds inside.

Byron’s grandmother was very hospitable and had all these amazing antiques (not just “old things” as we soon were educated) inside the castle, like tribal jewelry from the Bunda Bunda tribe, or even an ancient opium container belonging to “some toffee-nosed Brit”.

After a much needed shower, a delicious spaghetti dinner, and a mango and passion fruit dessert, we were ready for a very long sleep.


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