Dec. 19 – Springwood and Hiking

The Blue Mountains are known for some great hiking trails, so Byron, his sister and I took the train to Wentworth Falls to explore the trails. We made our way through the town and started on the Charles Darwin path (apparently he was fond of the area) and followed a group of Asian tourists fully prepared with walking sticks, mosquito-netted hats, and an abundance of spandex. The trail opened up to a beautiful waterfall, but then just a few minutes later we found ourselves in the middle of a huge canyon with massive hills and even more impressive waterfalls surrounding us. After taking our share of selfie-stick photos, we walked the perimeter of the canyon on the National Pass, which took us right on the edge of the cliffs and up and down countless stairs. The Conservation Hut, miles and miles later, provided some nourishment to get us back out hiking to the neighboring town of Leura. We passed a huge swath of trees that were blackened from halfway down, which we learned was the result of the yearly bush fires. It was amazing to see the new growth and green shoots coming out of the charred branches.

Just on the outskirts of Leura, our legs had walked far enough, so we hitchhiked our way into town center, treated ourselves to ice cream bars and hopped on the train back to Springwood to dinner and more delicious passion fruit.






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