Dec. 24 – Sydney and Springwood on Christmas Eve

With a hearty breakfast of peanut butter and toast (the peanut butter is much more natural aka bland, but not fatty tasting here) we left to apartment to walk along George St. to The Rocks. This harbor area is one of the oldest in the city and has a history of housing many of the convicts sent from England and being full of drinking, prostitution and general debauchery.

We’re not big museum people, but we strolled through The Rocks Discovery Center to learn all about the hoodlums of the area and how the city has tried to knock down the buildings here multiple times. The remnants of the early settlers can be seen through the Argyle Cut, a huge sandstone pass cut by hand by the convicts. You can also see some of the old cobblestone alleyways where the prostitutes frequented and various crumbling buildings.

After our fill of history, we walked back into the city and decided to have a posh lunch at one of the fancy bars we passed the night before. Ivy is a rooftop pool bar where sleek looking waitresses go around chatting it up to the customers in the poolside cabanas. We enjoyed the view from a table situated in the middle of the pool and felt classy as we enjoyed our artisan pizza. It certainly did not feel like Christmas Eve.

It was a perfect way to end our day in Sydney before we met back up with Byron’s sister and took a train to Springwood to greet Byron’s dad and his wife Susan.

After a huge Australian lamb dinner, we wrapped Christmas presents and headed to bed.




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