Dec. 28 – Sydney Beaches

Byron, his sister and I woke up at the crack of dawn, and had to sprint past all of downtown in order to make our train. Of course, sweaty and out of breath we found out the train was running fifteen minutes late. Typical.

After a few transfers, a bus took us to Bondi Beach, which was packed full of sun baked swimmers of all different shapes, sizes, and nationalities.

We claimed our spot amongst the sun bathers and swam, tanned and slathered on bottles of sun screen.

Byron’s dad was at Bronte Beach, a favorite place from his childhood, so to meet them for lunch, we walked along the most beautiful cliff path. It took us high up on rocky outlooks with views of Bondi, swimming pools right next to the ocean, spear fishers, and all the beaches in between.

We finally made it to Bronte beach and were rewarded with a delicious picnic they had ready for us. Bronte was all fine and good, until I entered the tumultuous water. The water I’m used to swimming in are lakes and the gentle Long Island Sound. These waves were nothing like anything I’d experienced before, so I crashed around and was done within ten minutes of going in. Apparently I have a fear of huge waves. I spent the rest of my time in the water in the kiddie section floating among toddlers and parents and was much more content.

We continued walking the cliff path past a massive seaside cemetery to a cement ocean inlet used for swimming lessons since the inlet had no waves. We passed more row boats, divers, and incredible views and finished the cliff walk at Coogee Beach, where we enjoyed dinner at the Coogee Hotel.





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