Oh Canada

December 27th, The Departure:

  • 7 hour drive, not 5 1/2 like mapquest said
  • Byron, Me, Shannon, Bridget, Ian, Mike, Sean, Australian hostel friend, South Korean girl making jokes about North Korea, Mexican hostel mate
  • Moes for dinner in NH, cheap gas, cheap liquor
  • M Hostel – fridge, clean, couches, big screen TV, AWESOME, downstairs bar, breakfast buffet, in Gay Village area
  • 1st Night:
  • Walked the village, past gay saunas and sex shops and drag queens
  • Stopped in McDonalds to regain warmth, snow everywhere, regrouped at hostel fro more warmth
  • Met Dutch boys, went to karoke bar up the street, even took out my contacts before bed!

December 28th:

  • Walked through the old port and village
  • Saw iceskating and huge mounds of snow
  • Lunch at a mirco brewery – poutine (yum!)
  • Chinatown, grafitti everywhere, tour of Sean’s radio station
  • Picked mike up from the station
  • Ian sick
  • Sean took us to Schwartz’s for famous canadian smoked meat, pickle, and cherry cola
  • Walked to hostel, chilled, met other hostel mates
  • Walked to Sean’s favorite local bar for drinks and dance
  • Crying about the tragedy of Canadian Twitter

December 29th:

  • Starbucks, drove to Mont Royal, incredible ciew of entire city covered in Snow
  • Saint Joseph’s huge commercialized church
  • Much colder today
  • Lunch at L’avenue with trippy neon graffiti bathroom
  • Montreal Casino for 1st gambling experience ever
  • Hit the road, sassy USA border woman
  • Huge snow storm, saw 10 cars in ditches
  • Byron got us safely to East Hampton where everyone slept over
  • Island Coffee breakfast in the morning

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