One Day in Singapore


One Day in Singapore

Our 24 hours in Singapore started with a 6am ride to the airport, and things oddly just kept going wrong from there. Now, all the things I’ll mention had little consequence and I only mention them because it became comical how nothing we planned worked. Don’t think I actually find these problems to be legitimate 😛 Also, we only had one day in Singapore, which put even more pressure on trying to pack in all we could!

One day in Singapore


  •  Order a Grab (Uber) to the airport –> guy doesn’t show up and we have to cancel.
  • Plan to stop at Snake Temple on the way to the airport, researched online that it opened at 6am –> Temple is closed until 10am.
  • Flight is supposed to leave at 9:30am — > gets delayed until 12:30pm.

[4 hours until pub crawl starts]

  • Go from hostel to cable cars to get to Sentosa Island — > the line for the cable car is 2 hours, debate what to to.

[3 hours]

  • Order a Grab to go to the next activity instead –> Grab App crashes and we have to knock on cars to ask if they were our driver.
  • Visit Merlion and try to walk to Marina Bay Sands –> today is the rehearsal for National Singapore Day, the streets are mobbed with thousands of people and road closures.

[2 hours]

  • Booked the pub crawl the night before–> realized their website says you can’t wear flip flops and this is all we have.
  • Go shopping for appropriate footwear –> every store is oddly closed despite the advertised open hours.

[1 hour]

  • Buy sandals at Chinatown Market –> realize back at the hostel that the lady sold us two left shoes.

[15 minutes]

  • Grab some noodles at the food court next to the hostel, rush back to market to exchange shoes and get to the pub crawl starting point on time –> pub crawl host is half an hour late.


One Day in Singapore Pub Crawl

Here is where our luck turned around and we had an absolute blast on the pub crawl with a group of Americans from Atlanta, a girl from South Korea, a New Zealand guy, and a handful of Aussie bros. Shan and I even beat the Aussie bros at beer pong, which was mighty satisfying (note sassy face in picture above)! We spent the rest of the night dancing, laughing, and bar hopping with our new friends until the wee hours.

One Day in Singapore Friends

Even though our one day in Singapore was hectic, I had a blast with Shan just rolling with whatever happened. Luckily, Singapore is a really great place to see for a day because the main attractions are all next to each other. You can easily jump from the Merlion, to the Marina Bay Sands, to the Gardens by the Bay, to Chinatown and more all in a few hours. Also, Changi Airport is an attraction on its own with a movie theater, swimming pool, outdoor gardens, and video games!