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Boosting your hostel’s InstagramThe nationality imbalance in Australian hostels

social media tips

By Erin Walsh

With roughly 87% of the millennial generation using social media for travel inspiration, it’s not only important, but crucial for hostels to step up their social media game. As one of the most engaging and simple to use platforms, Instagram is gaining in popularity rapidly, especially among young travellers. Backpackers seek to engage with hostels on Instagram before they arrive to get an authentic depiction of what their experience will be like in person. Being able to prove the experience to potential guests can weigh heavily on their decision to book–possibly more so than the price of the bed.

Long-term 'working' guests in hostels. It's a love-hate relationship

Long-term Hostel Guest

By Erin Walsh

You arrive at the room door, pairs of well-worn and crusty work boots inhibit your entry. The door is ajar, so you give it a nudge and an indecipherable and not all together pleasant odor greets you. Once open you see piles of clothes stacked to the ceiling. The long-term working holiday maker is a character unique and significant to Australia, and these guests require extra consideration when looking at hostel operations, finances, and social atmosphere.


Working Holiday Makers

By Erin Walsh

Often, in Australian hostels there’s a joke that there must be very few young people left in Germany because they’re all in Australia. Turns out, there might be some truth to this perception. Every year, thousands of young people aged 18-30 enter Australia as Working Holiday Makers. In 2017 alone, over 175,00 Visa 417 and 462 were granted to over 40 nationalities. However, the balance of working holiday makers arriving from each country is disproportionate to the total population of their home countries. There are a number of economic and social reasons for this imbalance.

Free Walking Tours -- Not Just For Backpackers

free walking tours

By Erin Walsh

With European cities touting “Free Walking Tours” for over a decade, travellers – from all demographics – are now familiar, and comfortable with the idea in Australia. Tour operators in Sydney have taken on the European free walking tour model, and adapted it to their own style and specific interests of tourists to Australia.

hostel management

Running Hostel Activities: Who, Where & How


By Erin Walsh

So much of a traveler’s impression of a hostel is linked to the activities they experienced during their stay. Offering activities is one of the things that hostels have championed for decades, while hotels and Airbnb have yet to offer a similar experience. During our Hostelling Across America Road Trip, Byron Bunda and I encountered a variety of ways hostels engage with their guests. In this article, we’ll explore what factors are important to consider when planning successful hostel activities.

The Rise of Private Rooms in Hostels


By Erin Walsh

Hostel owners are adding private rooms to appeal to travelers that want both privacy and an active social atmosphere. This article highlights four factors to consider when deciding to add private rooms to your hostel.

Hostel Trends

Hostelworld Releases Non-Refundable Rates


By Erin Walsh

New features enable hostels to implement advanced pricing strategies on par with hotels.