Great Barrier Reef Snorkel

Great Barrier Reef and Port Douglas

Port Douglas and the Great Barrier Reef June 7-8 I snuck quietly out of the dorm room for free breakfast bright and early at 6:50am (early for backpacker standards). We finished up just as the giant Quicksilver tour bus arrived to whisk us down to the marina. Today, we were snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef! … Continue reading Great Barrier Reef and Port Douglas

Cape Tribulation and Daintree Rainforest

Cape Tribulation and the Daintree Rainforest June 9-10 From Port Douglas, we carried on north past more sugar cane fields and mountains to the Daintree River. We paid $10 and got in line behind the cars on the tiny cable-pulled ferry. The ride took no more than three minutes until we were deposited on the … Continue reading Cape Tribulation and Daintree Rainforest

Gillies Highway Atherton Tablelands

Atherton Tablelands

June 5-6, 2018 Ever since we left Sydney, I'd been excited to ride the Atherton Tablelands and the Gillies Highway. Ladies in the motorcycle groups I'm in all raved about the twisting mountain roads through evergreen forests and past gushing waterfalls. The roads did not disappoint. The climb into the mountains curved endlessly swerving back … Continue reading Atherton Tablelands