The Grand Bucket List

Checking things off one step at a time.

1. Go to Australia

2. Learn how to play guitar

3. Learn how to surf

(Byron Bay – Australia)

4. Beat a video game

(Tony Hawk Underground)

5. Paintball

(Project Grad – Groton Sub Base)

6. Learn how to flip into water

8. Learn kickboxing

9. Learn yoga

10. Finish a Stephen King novel

11. Watch all James Bond movies

12. Skydive

(Gold Coast – Australia)

13. Get a tattoo

14. Hot air balloon ride

16. Visit all 50 states

17. Go to a nude beach

(Samurai Beach, Australia)

18. Dune buggy riding

19. Visit Paris

20. Dude Ranch

21. Camp under the stars

(Sahara Desert)

22. Save someone’s life

23. Learn how to shoot a gun

24. Climb the Egyptian pyramids

25. Go on a road trip

(Adelaide – Melbourne)

26. Sleep outside and wake up with the sunrise

(Ibiza and Jaisalmer Desert)

27. Stay awake for 48 hours

28. Swim in the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian Oceans

29. Get a boater’s license

30. Get a motorcycle license

31. Go spelunking

32. Go sledding on Mcdonalds trays

33. Polar bear plunge

34. Go to the top of the Empire State Building

35. Have a banana split

36. See the Grand Canyon

(Summer 2017 USA Roadtrip)

37. Live in California

38. Hike a mountain

39. Swim across a lake

40. Take a pole dancing class

41. Visit a black sand beach


42. Get on the radio

(WHUS 91.7)

43. Get on tv

44. Go on a search for a search light

45. Become a photographer

46. Visit the Mall of America

47. See Stone Henge

48. Go to a Castle

49. Meet someone you admire

50. Attend a Toga Party

51. Attend a broadway play

(Lion King, Phantom of the Opera, Hamilton)

52. Cliff Jump

(Dalat Vietam and CT River)

53. Go to Florida

54. Go pool hopping

55. Get married

56. Vegas

57. Be a parent

58. Own a mustang

59. Be an audience member on a TV show

60. Go to a music festival

(Outside Lands, Vans Warped Tour)

61. Go to a country concert

(Zac Brown Band – Shoreline Amphitheater)

62. Be an extra in a movie

63. Go on a biking trip

64. Hike Mount Washington

65. Camp on a beach

66. Go fishing

67. Live off the land for a few days

68. Go Cabrewing

(Salmon River)

69. Bike a trail from start to finish

70. Spend the night in a haunted place

71. Ride the World’s largest roller coaster

72. Evade the police

(Sunrise Resort)

73. Research my family tree

74. Get involved in a protest

(Climate Rally in NYC, Women’s March SF)

75. Walk/Run a marathon

76. Send a message in a bottle

77. Be on a jury

78. Attend Oktoberfest

79. Kiss the Blarney Stone

80. Go to Carnival in Brazil

81. See the Great Wall of China

82. Participate in the Burning Man festival

83. Party on a beach

(Ocean Beach Bonfires SF)

84. Ride a mechanical bull

85. New Years in Time Square

86. Fly 1st Class

87. Go to all continents.

88. Go to a Spa

89. Sleep in a hammock

90. Have something named after you

91. Ride in a double decker bus

92. Solve a Rubik’s Cube

93. Break a Guiness World Record

94. Mardi Gras in New Orleans

95. See Mount Rushmore

(Summer 2017 USA Roadtrip)

96. Have a successful garden

97. Carve my name in a tree

98. Complete a puzzle

99. Climb a tree

100. Drink a Guinness in an Irish pub

101. Visit every USA national park

102. Ride a motorcycle

103. Visit a country on a whim.

104. Visit every country

105. Become fluent in another language

106. Walk a suspension bridge

(Costa Rica)

107. Parasail

108. Scuba dive

109. Take a helicopter ride

111. M.H.C. 


112. Dog Sled

113. Go on a police ride along

114. Zip line

(Costa Ria, Berkshires, Jodphur)

115. Witness a solar eclipse

117. Look inside the mouth of a volcano

118. Start a fire without matches

119. See a coral reef

120. Attend a rodeo

121. Sleep in an igloo

122. See a tornado

123. Design a website


124. Have your portrait painted

125. Acupuncture

126. Road Trip across the country

(Summer 2017)

127. Watch sumo wrestling

(Japantown in San Francisco)

128. Go to the opera

129. Smoke a Cuban Cigar

130. Join a book club

131. Find treasure with a metal detector

132. Ride a camel

(Morocco, India)

133. Test drive a sports car

134. Go in a submarine

135. Ride a segway

(San Francisco)

136. Visit a ghost town

137. Tour a vineyard

(Australia, Napa, Sonoma)

138. See a volcano

(Costa Rica)

139. Explore a rainforest

(Costa Rica)

140. Visit a buddhist temple


141. Visit a concentration camp


142. Go on a safari

(Kruger National Park)

143. Walk on a glacier


144. Stay in an underwater hotel

145. Pan for gold

146. Sea Kayaking

147. Unicycle

148. Learn how to tie a tie

149. Learn how to make a meal without a recipe

150. Abseil down a waterfall 

(Dalat, Vietnam)

151. Air Boat across an alligator infested swamp

(Miami, FL with Shan)

152. Arrive by Seaplane

153. Attend a high school reunion

(5 year at Mezzos)

154. Be published

(Semester at Sea – News from the Helm, The Pier Magazine, Hostel Trends)

155. Blow glass

(Seattle Glass Blowing Studio)

156. Create a flower arrangement

157. Sew something you can wear

158. Attend a Black Tie Gala

159. Attend a boxing match

160. Attend a Masquerade

161. Attend a murder mystery dinner

162. Attend a wedding in another country

163. Be a game show contestant

164. Crowd Surf

165. Get a caricature drawing

166. Go to a drive-in movie

167. Join a flash mob

168. Play bingo at a bingo hall

169. See a TED Talk Live

170. Take part in a focus group

171. Have your makeup done by a professional

172. Get a henna tattoo

173. Spend a day at a spa

174. Start a business

175. Attend a pig roast

176. Bake a loaf of bread

177. Drink at an ice bar

178. Eat a molecular gastronomy dinner

179. Eat caviar

180. Eat in a pitch black restaurant

181. Eat southern bbq in the south

(Austin, TX BBQ on Summer 2017  USA Roadtrip)

182. Eat fondue

(San Francisco – Fondue Cowboy)

183. Enter something in a food competition

184. Make a gingerbread house

185. Make ice cream

186. Make fresh pasta

187. Make wine

188. Partake in a food fight

(High School Food Fight)

189. Flip a house

190. Build a house with habitat for humanity

191. Serve food at a soup kitchen

192. Start a charity

193. Teach a class 


194. Belly dance

195. Skeet shoot

196. Take a self defense class

197. Ride a tandem bike

198. Attend a luau

199. Drive route 66

(Part of it in Flagstaff, AZ during Summer 2017 USA Roadtrip)

200. See the northern lights

201. Hike in Yosemite

(Trip with Shan – Nevada and Vernal Falls)

202. Hollywood walk of fame

(LA Roadtrip with Byron 2017)

203. Glass beach california

204. Photo with the hollywood sign

205. Kentucky derby

206. Niagra falls

207. Philly cheese steak in Philly

(Summer 2017 USA Roadtrip)

208. Zion National Park, & Bryce Canyon, Utah

(Summer 2017 USA Roadtrip)

211. THE DANAKIL DEPRESSION, ETHIOPIA – lava field, salt pillar in Dallol


213. ride the Ghan Train

214. Ride the Siberian Express

215. Motorcycle from USA to Argentina

216. Motorcycle around the world

217. Participate in the Rickshaw Run

218. Create super hero costumes

For more ideas:, The Adventurists

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